Empowering Student Success

Our Companies

Stravos partners with some of the most talented education entrepreneurs in the world. We work with founder driven teams that are focused on building essential and durable academic solutions that empower students from all walks of life.

Our Focus

Stravos owns and operates educational enterprises across the US and UK. We are focused on mission driven companies that deliver best in class resources to students across the world. We are most interested in businesses that have a strong track record for success and outcomes for key stakeholders, particularly businesses in the college-prep space.




How we help founders

Since we are owners and founders ourselves, we know the struggles of building and scaling a successful business, while maintaining quality services and meaningful impact on our students. We work with founders in three core areas: providing direct investment with strategic capital to grow, buying majority stakes in companies where the founder is ready for a transition and wants to leave their firm in the trusted hand of a partner who will continue to run the business consistent with core values; providing short-term debt to inject cash flow to accomplish specific goals or improvements to the business.


Short Term


Joining the Stravos community means you have access to the following:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Insurance and HR
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Talent Development and Retention
  • Employee Training and Professional Development


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